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Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate only uses premium quality teak and precise mortise and tenon joinery in the construction of our furniture. And while our reputation was founded on teak, our furniture designs have expanded to incorporate the finest stainless steel and all-weather wicker as well. This combination of quality material and craftsmanship provides you with exterior furnishings of exceptional style and durability.

Kingsley Bate’s Teak is harvested from carefully controlled plantations, established in Indonesia by the Dutch in the mid-19th century.  The Indonesia government allows the felling of a limited number of trees each year and ensures that an equal amount of reforestation takes place.  In 1983, along with Indonseian government, Kingsley Bate undertook a teak furniture program in Java.  Since then, this program has proven that such a program can be implemented without detriment to that country’s natural resources.